I’m originally from Berkeley, California and was born into a musical family. Two of my uncles are the original members of Timex Social Club and one of them, Marcus Thompson, was the founder of the group and wrote the song “Rumors”. My cousin Alan Anthony was part of the duo, Christión, known for the hit, “Full of Smoke”. So music has always been in my blood, and is one of the main reasons why I’m involved in music now. I’ve been rapping since I was a child along with friends like Galnadgee “Ge” Joe-Johnson of Ambiguous Sounds. I worked with Ge on my EP, “Double Gulp” and we’re teaming up again for another project. I also worked with producers, the DrumAddictz, who produced my song, “Bottom Bitch Theory”. On past projects, I’ve collaborated with artists and producers like Chuwwee, The Usual Suspects (TUS), and Levi L-One. While I work on projects, I always try to drop a song a month or so, that way I stay relevant with the fans. My newest project is “Lion’s Den” and I just released the video for one of the songs, “Bottom Bitch Theory”.

My favorite way to promote my music is to do shows. Performing is, in my opinion, the best part about this career. Watching how the crowd reacts to your music and how they come and approach you after you perform has always been the part I love most. I’ve performed at various venues throughout Northern California – Chico, Sacramento, Davis and San Francisco.

I prefer to keep it real. I’m not a drug dealer, murderer, or pimp. Therefore, you will not hear me rap about it unless it’s from a creative point of view like a story type of song. I rap about the relationships and problems I deal with, which makes my music easier to relate to and that’s what I set out to do.


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    That new BBT video is dope!

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